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    Yesterday at 2:35 PM

    Dear Earth 2 Users. Though we have mentioned it before, we feel the need to mention it again – we have experienced hyper-growth after Earth 2 went viral recently and our team is trying to keep on top of it with most of the team working 7 days a week, 14+ hours a day. While we have expanded our team, the users have continued to grow as well and we now have almost 250,000 of you wonderful people! Many users send support emails or withdrawal requests, not once, but sometimes 10 or 20 times – some do this every day and it takes a lot of time for our already small team to read, review and act on. We realise this is not an ideal setup and have started customising ZenDesk which we plan to integrate into our website, this should allow us to monitor tickets better and handle massive duplication from users amongst other things. We are also planning to implement a withdrawal form with relevant required fields in a hope users will pass more accurate details to us for withdrawal requests. We are hoping this will be ready within the next 7 days if no other urgent issues arise for our team.
    In the mean time, please try to help us by sending only one email for support or withdrawals, and when you send withdrawal requests, PLEASE check the details carefully, we have many users who email the wrong details and we need to go back to them 2-3 times, those users then go public and talk about how long they have been waiting but not about how many mistakes they have made and the time and effort our team put in to trying to receive the correct details. If you are requesting larger amounts to withdraw it does take us longer to make all relevant checks so your patience is appreciated. If the funds in your account are not related to any abuse or scam, we will certainly transfer to you, but we also need to ensure we are protecting our other users at all time! Further updates will follow and there is some exciting news coming over the next 1-2 weeks.






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